Enter: Cow and Pig

Lug and Pig at Play

Some of you may remember that, sometime about 65 million years ago, I mentioned that I had a Tauren hunter named Lug. Well, I don’t play Lug a whole lot, sadly, for reasons unknown. I think it’s partially because I like playing Gavelier so much, but it may be also because of my now-ingrained anti-Horde mentality from all of the Horde raids Gav has been witness to in his 75 levels (oops, spoiler!). I do like playing as Lug; I enjoy the hunter style and I like the Tauren race the most out of the Horde’s cast of creeps. I also like Mulgore, the Tauren homeland. Well, I logged back in to night, spurred by an article on WoW Insider on hunter pets. I was inspired to get Lug a new pet; a Tenacity pet. He had a tallstrider named Stridy, but the article suggested that a tenacity pet was more my style, and tallstriders are ferocity pets. What I needed was a pet to tank for me, since I could dish out plenty of damage myself.

I wanted a turtle at first, but I couldn’t find any low enough a level, so I was going to hunt for a crocolisk on the shores of the river between Durator and the Barrens. As I left Ogrimmar, however, I saw a boar. He was kinda dumpy, real pale and only level 9, but he was there. I looked up boars as far as hunters’ pets on Wowhead, and I saw that they ate nearly anything, and were also tenacity pets. I suddenly wanted no other pet; I didn’t really want a crocolisk anyway, and I couldn’t catch a turtle, but it was more then that. This… pig was calling me. I tamed him on the spot and he instantly was made level 10. I took the boar, now named Pig, to the Barrens to level him up. Before long, Pig was level 15 like me, and soon after, he and I hit 16. We were a little wrecking crew across the Barrens. We completed all of the quests in my log, and then some, finally following a quest line back into Mulgore. There, we wrapped up all of the quests I left there, as well. As we frolicked back down a hill, coming from a quest to kill Supervisor Fizsprocket of the Venture Company and get his clipboard, I snapped the above picture. I also hit level 17 while out and about tonight. Lug and Pig; this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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