Die Nobelgarten

It’s time for the Noblegarden holiday in WoW, and I was going to pass it up. After all, I’d toyed with it on the PTR, so why rehash my work? Well, one of my guildies was doing the egg hunt and listening to him on guild chat got me started on it again. I got the first quests done in a heartbeat, and I’m now a Chocolate Lover and halfway to being a Chocoholic, and I got part of the Shake Your Bunny-Maker achievement by hitting the alliance race chicks in Kharonos. Well, all but the human chick but I figured I could get that one at any time. lol I guess I got lured back into the holiday, huh?

Oh, BTW… anyone want roast rabbit? I cooked some myself.


Burn, bunny, burn!

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