Daily Update and a Thank You to Shadowsite

Today was an interesting day. I returned to Wintergrasp, and died four or five times while defending the keep. Once, I had four Hordies hitting me at once, so I had no chance at survival. At another point, I was attacking a Tauren (who was being aided by two Warsong Champions, NPCs I’d never heard of before) when an Orc chick rode up, also engaging me in battle. I had the Tauren down to almost 30% health, but with the Warsong Champions and the Orc chick, I was screwed. Or, so I thought. I’d like to give a shout out to Shadowsite, a human rogue who came to my rescue. With her help, they were all killed and I lived. Yay! We also protected the keep successfully, winning another round.

Later I was riding out to Goldshire (duel central for Alliance characters) to meet with some guildies. As I left Stormwind, a level 63 Night Elf Deathknight challenged me to a duel. I agreed, stunned the hell out of him and beat him. He never got to fight back. Kinda cheap, but he’d do the same for me if he had the chance. The 14 level difference was the big deciding factor. I couldn’t have stunned him so bad if he were level 70 or higher.

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