Borean Adventures

Murgav What you see to the left is Gav during my current favorite quest chain. It started when I was sent from Fizzcrank Airstrip to find King Mrgl-mrgl. King Mrgl-mrgl, it turns out is a D.E.H.T.A agent in a  murloc disguise. From saving tadpoles to slaying Glrggl (a killer orca), it was fun. I also had to kill Claximus, a giant lobster-type thing. To get to him, I donned the costume seen here and snuck past the murlocs in the cave leading to him. It was a great quest line.

In other news, I crossed a Tundra Crawler while out and about in Borean Tundra. It was neat looking, but I didn’t bother to engage it because I was too busy at the time. You can see a pic of it below.

Tundra Crawler

I also hit level 76 today. It was better then my last level up in that I got some spells I could actually use, like a new Retribution Aura. I did develop a dislike for Blizzard’s sense of humor. Sorry Blizz, but I’m not paying you $15 a month to dig though animal refuse. It’s something like the fourth quest of it’s type! C’mon, Blizzard… this isn’t fun.

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