Azeroth Freezes Over for Gav

It’s been a pain, these last three days. Around noon on Tuesday my account was frozen by Blizzard due to lack of funds. I got hit by extra bills this month and my account was overdrawn, so they couldn’t take their payment. Thus, I’ve been WoW-less since Tuesday. I did take the time to make the newest comic in Gav’s World of Warcraft, so check that out, will you? It’ll make this downtime seem worth it. lol I get paid tomorrow so I’ll be back in the game then; just a few more hours, Gav! I’ll be back, I swear!!

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Hi, I’m Alphasim . I’ve been playing World of WarCraft for four years now and my main is a level 85 human paladin named Gavelier. Gav features prominently here at Alazar so you'll get to know him and his guild.

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