Artruis the Sonuva*****


I hate Artruis the Heartless. I hate him soooo bad. I had to kill him for A Hero’s Burden, a quest to pick sides between the Oracles and the Frenzyheart in Sholozar Basin. I wanted the Oracles, for the possibility of a Proto-drake. However, I got killed twice trying to slay him solo, so I asked on guild chat for someone to help me. No dice. I asked in local chat for help, and a nice gnomish mage offered to help. We killed him(barely) and I was able to complete the quest, but… what’s this?! I killed the Oracle prisoner?! WTF??? It turns out that I didn’t kill the Oracle prisoner, the gnome mage did. I was locked in with the stupid Frenzyhearts and their crappy loot. Ya know what, though? I was so happy the quest was over that I didn’t care. Whatever. It’s done and I’m alive so I’m going back to Dalaran to pay my 8g in repairs. I did come up with 56 bars worth of Saronite Ore in Sholozar, though, along with a pile of rare gems. Now that I’m nearing 900g, I’m having to think about picking between Cold Weather Flying and dual specs more seriously. If only saronite bars weren’t so blessed watered down on my server. They’re going to 20g or so a stack, whereas I used to sell thorium stacks for 60g or more. I can sell the stacks to a vender for 25g! Sheesh.

BTW: I wanted to mention that I dinged 78 while out and about tonight, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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