Alliance Loses Wintergrasp, Takes it Back with a Vengence

I was in two Wintergrasp matches today, one defensive and one offensive. The defensive one didn’t go so well. We lost, but more importantly I died over and over. I nabbed a number of kills but nothing to talk about. What amazed me was my more recent assault run I was on. Here’s how it went down.

I was in Dun Morogh nabbing eggs for my Noblegarden achievements when I got notified by my guild leader, who was on one of his alts, that Wintergrasp had just started and to come if I wanted to join. I got there in no time and… we won. That’s it. I was no sooner there then we won. It had to be the fastest match I’d ever seen, and not just because I came late. I saw we only had six tanks, but apparently that was enough. What, did the Horde sleep through this match? Obviously they didn’t, because in the minute or two between arriving and winning I got stunned and killed once by an undead rogue, and again by a Tauren warrior. I got one kill, but dying twice as much as I kill sucks. But, we won… and that’s what I go there for. Death to the Horde! lol

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