Strathholme Strikes Back…

… also known as Gav vs. Stratholme 2: Alpha Wastes Another Hour and a Half. *sigh*

I don’t know what possessed me to re-enter Stratholme. Maybe it’s because I felt better geared then last time. Maybe I thought three more levels would make a difference. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Whatever the reason, I found myself back inside the unfriendly confines of Stratholme this morning. The going was worlds easier this time, for whatever reason. I never needed my bubble or my Lay on Hands spell this time. However, the foe who ruined my hopes last time struck again. I still couldn’t open the damn door. I’d forgotten my seaforium charge back in the bank. Dammit! Well, at least next time I know it’ll be easier going. Oh, and I managed to nab a sweet goodie this time through: Piccolo of the Flaming Fire. Nice! I’ve been victim to it’s voodoo before, usually in an auction house, but now I have my own! Muahahaha! lol

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