Made it in 28 Minutes, 45 Seconds!

Race Ending That’s how long it took Gav, with his Charger mount and Crusader Aura to ride straight through from Booty Bay to Light’s Hope Chapel (including a quick flight from the Burning Steppes to the Searing Gorge, where there’s no foot path). I made the entire journey, more or less on foot, in under half an hour. I was curious how long it would take, and I’m both surprised and disappointed. Surprised in that it was a long, long ride and disappointed in that it was shorter then I had guessed. I started my timer as I entered the tunnel leaving Booty Bay in Stanglethorn Vale and ended it as I hit the steps at Light’s Hope Chapel. 28:45. Not bad, considering I took the road almost the entire trip, rarely skipping overland for shortcuts (mainly in the Western Plaguelands). Anyone want to best my record?

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