Goggles and Gav vs. the Horde

Gav's New Goggles I’ve spent the majority of the past few days scrounging up parts for my new Furious Gizmatic Goggles, finally completing my gathering of parts this morning with the six pieces of Heavy Knothide Leather I needed. See the picture for the results.

Not long after, while in Stormwind, the town was besieged by a penny-ante raid of about six Horde. I got to the Valley of Heroes bridge at the end of the attack, but soon enough to help finish off one Blueyes, a lvl. 80 ret specced Blood Elf paladin. It wasn’t until I just recently looked up his stats on the Armory that I learned what I had helped kill. A noted PvPer with 9.2k PvP kills and a near full set of epic armor, including a Titansteel Destroyer. When I arrived he was at around 60% health, and had stunned a level 80 Draenei Death Knight. I rode up and he began backing down for whatever reason (to heal, readying an attack I don’t know yet, shear insanity, whatever) so I hit him with the same spell he hit the DK with, Hammer of Justice, stunning him. I few quick hits (seal, judge, crusader strike, divine storm) and he was turning tail. I tossed my Hammer of Wrath to finish the job, netting me 16 more honor points. I think the BE took maybe one swipe at me total. So, between myself, a couple guards and that temporarily incapacitated DK, we took down a tough foe and protected Stormwind. For tonight, anyway.

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