Engineering Additions and Bunny Admissions

On the PTR, Blizzard has taken two of the more rare engineering schematics, Li’l Smokey and Pet Bombling, and made them drops in Gnomeregan. I recently did a quick back-door run via the workshop door and nabbed both, proving they’re easy grabs. They are Bind on Pickup, though, so you can’t sell ‘em at the Auction House. In other PTR news, Blizzard is testing the Noblegarden event, so I took some time to hunt eggs. Can you guess what happened?

GavBunny Yeah, I got bunny-ized. One of the eggs hit me with a spell, turning me into a little pink and blue bunny. It makes me think that Fargo (formerly of Gamespy) missed the boat on Rok’tar’s pet ‘warrior bunny,’ Bun’kar. Imagine Cherri if Bun’kar had looked like this! lol

Anyway, I completed the two quests I was handed, and ran laps around some level two gnome warrior chick, likely dazzling her with my brilliant display of color. All in all, it wasn’t a bad thing, turning into a bunny. It was kind of cute and gave me a unique perspective on the world.

Just don’t ask the the whole ‘egg laying’ issue… I don’t want to talk about it.


WTF, indeed.

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