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Made it in 28 Minutes, 45 Seconds!

Race Ending That’s how long it took Gav, with his Charger mount and Crusader Aura to ride straight through from Booty Bay to Light’s Hope Chapel (including a quick flight from the Burning Steppes to the Searing Gorge, where there’s no foot path). I made the entire journey, more or less on foot, in under half an hour. I was curious how long it would take, and I’m both surprised and disappointed. Surprised in that it was a long, long ride and disappointed in that it was shorter then I had guessed. I started my timer as I entered the tunnel leaving Booty Bay in Stanglethorn Vale and ended it as I hit the steps at Light’s Hope Chapel. 28:45. Not bad, considering I took the road almost the entire trip, rarely skipping overland for shortcuts (mainly in the Western Plaguelands). Anyone want to best my record?

Strathholme Strikes Back…

… also known as Gav vs. Stratholme 2: Alpha Wastes Another Hour and a Half. *sigh*

I don’t know what possessed me to re-enter Stratholme. Maybe it’s because I felt better geared then last time. Maybe I thought three more levels would make a difference. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Whatever the reason, I found myself back inside the unfriendly confines of Stratholme this morning. The going was worlds easier this time, for whatever reason. I never needed my bubble or my Lay on Hands spell this time. However, the foe who ruined my hopes last time struck again. I still couldn’t open the damn door. I’d forgotten my seaforium charge back in the bank. Dammit! Well, at least next time I know it’ll be easier going. Oh, and I managed to nab a sweet goodie this time through: Piccolo of the Flaming Fire. Nice! I’ve been victim to it’s voodoo before, usually in an auction house, but now I have my own! Muahahaha! lol

Engineering Additions and Bunny Admissions

On the PTR, Blizzard has taken two of the more rare engineering schematics, Li’l Smokey and Pet Bombling, and made them drops in Gnomeregan. I recently did a quick back-door run via the workshop door and nabbed both, proving they’re easy grabs. They are Bind on Pickup, though, so you can’t sell ‘em at the Auction House. In other PTR news, Blizzard is testing the Noblegarden event, so I took some time to hunt eggs. Can you guess what happened?

GavBunny Yeah, I got bunny-ized. One of the eggs hit me with a spell, turning me into a little pink and blue bunny. It makes me think that Fargo (formerly of Gamespy) missed the boat on Rok’tar’s pet ‘warrior bunny,’ Bun’kar. Imagine Cherri if Bun’kar had looked like this! lol

Anyway, I completed the two quests I was handed, and ran laps around some level two gnome warrior chick, likely dazzling her with my brilliant display of color. All in all, it wasn’t a bad thing, turning into a bunny. It was kind of cute and gave me a unique perspective on the world.

Just don’t ask the the whole ‘egg laying’ issue… I don’t want to talk about it.


WTF, indeed.

Sights Seen: When Voidwalkers Attack

VoidwalkersGoneBad My main warlock, a human named Crane, is one of the inspirations for Sibyl in my webcomic, Gavelier’s World of Warcraft (the other being the notoriously anti-WoW Betasim). However, it seems that after dinging level 20 in Lakeshire, Crane’s voidwalker, Kragnos, has had enough, and engulfed Crane’s cranium.

So, what have we learned? Number one: don’t overwork your Voidwalker just for to earn a level. Number two: have his cast button on hotbar so you can dispel him when you inevitably do overwork him for that level.

If you’d like to submit something to Alazar’s Sights Seen, send it to me HERE.

Death to the Horde!

Anyone who has read my posts here probably remembers my epic PvP Nightmare post. Well, I had another dynamic encounter with the Horde, this time in Westfall. Here’s how it all went down.

I was in the Burning Steppes, leveling my two-handed axe and two-handed mace skills, both of which were very low (sub-50 per). I was attacking numerous foes and just letting Gav swing away until I died. I got them both up to around 200 when a whisper came from a guildie, asking me to run them through Deadmines. I agreed, being the nice guildmate that I am, and boarded the nearest gryphon to Westfall. I got there to find out that I was leading a level 20 Night Elf hunter (the one who originally messaged me) and a level 8 NE priest. A level 8 priest!! No level 8 should be running Deadmines! However, when I got there, there were more pressing matters at hand.

A level 70 undead rogue was attempting to raid Sentinel Hill, so I killed him, netting me the Know Thy Enemy achievement. I killed him about three times, protecting my guildmates, when reinforcements arrived. However, they were for him, not me. A level 64 Blood Elf mage rode in, and her and the undead rogue tag teamed to bring me down. Once rezzed, a level 80 Night Elf Death Knight and I teamed up and killed them. Word came down that a Tauren druid was incoming, but he was only around level 60 and therefore was an easy kill. Lastly, a BE paladin, level 80, rode in and got in a staring contest with me, but they never flagged for PvP and left. Funny, if I were them I’d have tried my luck on a foe six levels below me, but they – even with their ally’s help – wanted no part of me. Funny. During this, the two guildies I was to run through Deadmines died time and again, so I told the hunter to run for the Deadmines while I protected the priest – who had to wait two minutes to rez after dying so often – and brought him over. After finally getting them into the Deadmines (the priest died about four more times, forcing us to wait constantly), the hunter and I opted to head in by ourselves. It proved to be a wise decision, because the priest went AFK instead of rezzing. We – or rather, I -  mowed through the many miners, mages and such, and I bumped off the bosses, no problem. The hunter snatched up the goodies and loot, since I had no use for them. We cleared the dungeon, no problem.

Quick note: I just looked up the rogue on the Armory, and he’s another noted PKer with 23k PvP kills and is nearly fully equipped with epics, including two Merciless Gladiator’s Pummelers. Compare my sword, a Forge Cobalt Claymore, and there’s no contest. More comparisons include him having 11% better crit chance,  60 more points in hit rating, and him having almost as much HP as me. The fact that he performed so poorly against me and my mostly green quest gear – I killed him 4 or 5 times, dying once, and that was only when ganged up on – may have played a part in the lvl. 80 BE paladin backing down. I’m baffled as to how I beat him around like I did… in theory, he should have pounded me. I’m more proud now then I was before. lol Go Gav! I guess what I was being told during while that undead rogue was slaughtering me back in Darkshore was right; paladins are a good match for taking on rogues.

Goggles and Gav vs. the Horde

Gav's New Goggles I’ve spent the majority of the past few days scrounging up parts for my new Furious Gizmatic Goggles, finally completing my gathering of parts this morning with the six pieces of Heavy Knothide Leather I needed. See the picture for the results.

Not long after, while in Stormwind, the town was besieged by a penny-ante raid of about six Horde. I got to the Valley of Heroes bridge at the end of the attack, but soon enough to help finish off one Blueyes, a lvl. 80 ret specced Blood Elf paladin. It wasn’t until I just recently looked up his stats on the Armory that I learned what I had helped kill. A noted PvPer with 9.2k PvP kills and a near full set of epic armor, including a Titansteel Destroyer. When I arrived he was at around 60% health, and had stunned a level 80 Draenei Death Knight. I rode up and he began backing down for whatever reason (to heal, readying an attack I don’t know yet, shear insanity, whatever) so I hit him with the same spell he hit the DK with, Hammer of Justice, stunning him. I few quick hits (seal, judge, crusader strike, divine storm) and he was turning tail. I tossed my Hammer of Wrath to finish the job, netting me 16 more honor points. I think the BE took maybe one swipe at me total. So, between myself, a couple guards and that temporarily incapacitated DK, we took down a tough foe and protected Stormwind. For tonight, anyway.

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a…. Swimming Paladin?!

Super Gav

Super Gav! A glitch hit in Hellfire Peninsula the other day, and I was swimming through the air. Fun, yes, but it ruined the game as I was unable to interact with anything. I couldn’t even log out! I had to shut the game down and start it back up, at which point I was reset back at the Dark Portal.

Flying Machines FTW

Gav's Flying Machine Gav’s up and away! Again! This time though, it’s in his own personal flying machine. I built it myself after finally hitting 350 on engineering and collecting all of the parts. It looks rickety as hell, though.

In the end, I spent about 150g on this machine, not including the 15g for the plans. Not bad, since it was estimated (by a mod I have) that it normally would have cost my nearly 300g. I was able to procure some sales at the AH, scrounge for some of the parts and build the rest myself. Yay!

Back at Last!

Gav's New Armor I’ve been away from the game for a little while, but I’m back! First to note is my new shoulder armor. They’re my Blood-Tempered Spaulders, and really don’t look very Paladin-like, huh? Dark metal spikes don’t say ‘I’m blessed by the light!’ do they? lol

In other news, you can see my new guild tabard here. The new guild is working out well so far; decent folks and a lively community. I’m happy with my decision to join them.

Finally, I’m still level 74, since I’ve been spending my time doing random stuff like auction house shopping and engineering leveling. It’s hard work! lol

Later, all.

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