Welcome to Dalaran


Ah, Dalaran. I’ve reached my latest milestone in Gavelier’s adventuring career – I’ve made it to Dalaran.  Gav dinged 74 this morning in Grizzly Hills and promptly undertook a quest to take him to the Magical Kingdom of Dalaran. Nice place, I must say. However, while wandering the streets, I got hit by a trespassing debuff and was warped for reasons I don’t yet understand. I saw some Horde banners, so that may be it. Anyway, I like Dalaran much more then Shattrath, personally. It has a more… homey vibe then the Outland’s capital sanctuary. I immediately set my hearth stone here, so I can get back ASAP and use it’s portals to any of the other majors cities I want to visit. Yay!

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