The Great Alliance Stand

The Raid Rebuff Begins

I was in Ironforge this morning, taking a much-needed break from the stress of Dragonblight, when stress of another kind arose. The Horde was amassing a humungous raid in the Deep Run Tram, readying an attack on Ironforge. Gav at the Front LinesI was going to ignore it and continue my trip to the lower level areas to buy up some racial mounts I didn’t have yet but… I couldn’t. I had to go look. What you see above is the raid rebuff, prepared in Tinkertown to hold off the attack. Hold it off we did, too. I didn’t see any losses on our side, and no Horde made it in to Ironforge proper. We held a little celebration, killed off a few rezzing stragglers, and I helped by going to the front lines of the battle (as seen to the right). I didn’t get credit for my efforts though, which was frustrating. My hammer of wrath helped kill a few hordies, but no credit came my way.  Oh well. I went into the tram for a scout, and when I came out I got caught off guard by a few coordinated resurrecting hordies and was killed. I grumped and griped about getting no kills and then dying to boot, all the way back to my corpse.

Haggle vs. RoshiOnce rezzed, I healed myself up and took part in some random banter. I again went to check in the tram, and there were some hordies in there, unflagged. I went and grabbed a few more allies and we tried to taunt them into attacking us. Haggle, the NPC leper gnome was doing a fine job on his own, though, sucker punching Roshi (a lvl 80 fury specced Tauren warrior) with aplomb. We laughed about it until I noticed a problem; each punch by Haggle, while doing almost unnoticeable damage, was building up Roshi’s rage meter. As I told everyone he flagged and we lay waste to him and his Blood Elf hunter partner. This time I got some credit, to the tune of 16 honor points, and after exchanging buffs with everyone I went on my way.

It was quite a time, to say the least. I’d never seen the Alliance organize and mobilize like that before. I was impressed, and at the same time proud to count myself among them (even if I didn’t get much credit). For the Alliance!

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