Stratholme Sucks


I’m not a really happy paladin right now. I decided to try soloing the first half of Stratholme last night. I nearly died about six times, but survived. Li’l Timmy? Dead. Ditto a number of patchwerk horrors and a ton of undead. I was rolling. That is, until I reached a foe I could not defeat. A foe so steadfast, so sturdy, I was completely flummoxed and gave up. What was this horrific foe?

A damn door.

I came to the Bastion Door and was stumped. I couldn’t find the Scarlet Key for the life of me. I was miffed and had to hearth out. I used my lay on hands and divine shield spell (twice) to get that far, only to be stumped by a freaking door. I still can’t believe it.







Stupid door.

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