My PvP Nightmare, Kinda in Reverse

Gav was in Hellfire Peninsula yesterday, gathering Fel Iron for engineering work, when there was this dire cry in the general chat that two Horde members were taking the Overlook PvP point. I’m not sure why this was so awful, since they change hands several times a day, but I decided to go see if I could help. I learned they were a Blood Elf and a Tauren, both Death Knights, levels 58 and 62. As I said last post, I’m level 74 now. The level 58 BE ran for his life, but the Tauren stayed, fought, and died.He had no way of making up the twelve level difference, regardless of gear. I kinda felt bad, actually, because there was no reason for me to go there and kill him. The PvP point meant nothing to me, and it’s really for lower level characters to play with, anyway. However, I then remembered my nightmare in Darkshore awhile back, and how that Undead rogue slaughtered me over and over in an area he had no business PvPing in. Thus, I felt a little more, I dunno, validated in my actions. The BE came back, saw I was still there, and ran away again, while I stayed to capture the control point. Once I did, I took to my gryphon and flew up and onto the towers surrounding the site. The Tauren promptly rezzed (he was obviously waiting for me to leave) and opened a gate to escape. I let him, since he wasn’t a threat anyway and camping folks isn’t my style. However, I now know how it feels to be on the other end of a lopsided PvP matchup.

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