My PvP Nightmare Comes True

It was an eventful evening for me, to say the least. I was listening to the Super Bowl (blasted Steelers) while I played, and had a video going in the bottom corner of my monitor for further stimulation. I was bored, I guess. Anyway, I logged on and zoomed over the Nagrand to turn in some Obsidian Warbeads to the good folks at Telaar and some Oshu’gun Crystal Powder to Halaa when Telaar came under attack by a lone Blood Elf. Since the Horde currently held Halaa, I decided to help kill the BE. He was slain twice – I got partial credit for one – when I noticed that the guard count at Halaa was dropping. I flew over there and proceeded to bomb the remaining guards while a huge contingent from the Phoenix Rising guild lay waste to those on the ground. I finally swooped in and helped capture it so I could turn my powder in. That was all well and good. I got a PvP kill, some honor points, and completed my goals. Nice. That was only the prelude to my nightmare, though.

One guildie soon recruited two new ones in Teldrassil, so I zipped over to meet them. I found only one of the three (the other two had logged off) and signed up another one myself. On my way back to the mainland (more specifically, Stormwind, en route to Northrend) I flew to Auberdine so I could catch the boat. While there, though, Auberdine was assaulted by the Horde. I zipped back to help find the invader, and was soon part of a rather populous search party. This was the sneakiest Horde attack I ever saw! First off, there was obviously a mage, we killed him once, and when he rezzed he promptly ported to Ogrimmar. I figured that the end of it and sailed to Stormwind. I got a whisper that the battle was still on, so I came back. I was then part of an hour and a half-plus cat-and-mouse game with a horde rogue. A level 80, undead rogue with 20k+ PvP kills (name withheld to prevent stoking his ego). Well, he got three more out o’ me. He one-shot me three freaking times! All three times he snuck up on me, killed me and was gone before there was anyone there to witness the crime. Dude wore all purples, had almost over 10,000 more HP then I did and was wicked quick. I swear, I’ve seen rogues kill. I’ve seen rogues sprint. I’ve seen them stealth. But I’ve never seen one get in, kill and be gone like this before. I think everyone thought I was nuts, because no one else ever saw him. The jerk even taunted me when I was dead. To make matters worse, my allies proceeded to point out that I sucked. Yes, Gav has under 9,000 HP. He’s never run an actual instance (soloing three low level dungeons doesn’t count), he’s never raided, and he doesn’t have any PvP gear, alright?! Sheesh. It was also pointed out that, as a level 71 paladin, I shouldn’t have been fighting him in the first place. Ok, I get it, a’ight? I’m inadequate. I suck. It’s how I am, and that’s all there is to it, ok? Man… you’d think your allies – who you’re dying for no less (like they cared lol, if it was me in their shoes I’d give ’em the advice I forgot) – would be a little sympathetic.

Finally, here’s the kicker – I’d consciously switched my PvP flag to on and left it there. I could have been completely free of this dude had I just turned my damn flag off. Or I could have boarded the boat to Stormwind, like I was going to, and be done with it. Noooo… I had to stay and try to be a hero. Bad move.. bad, stupid, moronic move. Now I’ve got an inferiority complex going, and whose fault is that? MINE! Because I willingly stayed there and got slaughtered. Should I feel inferior because someone is so much better then me? Yes. Did I have to stay there and endure it like I did? No way in hell. I could have left and been done with it but I thought I could help somehow. Yup, I did. I proved that there was a rogue there. Anyone believe me yet? lmao

The killer here is that I just needed to kill one undead to complete the Know Thy Enemy achievement. I’d never crossed an undead in PvP before, and now I hope I never do again.

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