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lugandstridy Meet Lug, and his tallstrider, Stridy. I hope that they become my Horde figures of this blog, like Gav represents the Alliance. He’s actually my first toon ever, the only character I made before Gav. He currently sits at level 15, and while his equipment is kinda pathetic (mostly self-made beginner leather worker stuff), he did have one stroke of luck.

While level 11, Stridy and I were doing quests, killing Prairie Wolf Alphas and Flatland Prowlers when I noticed a wolf that was slightly larger then the rest, and colored a pale blueish white. He was the rare Ghost Howl, and as it turned out, he left me a quest when killed that netted me a nice new gun, my first upgrade in that area. I’ve since improved to a Hunter’s Muzzle Loader, but that gun held special significance to me, since it was one of my first nice quest rewards.

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