Dragonblight and My New Bane

Wow, where to start? I spent most of the night questing in Dragonblight, starting with missions from Wintergarde Keep. I enjoyed the Flight of the Wintergarde Defender quest, but wasn’t as enamored with some of the other quests, like the ones that sent me back into the same village on foot. I eventually found my way over to Stars’ Rest and it’s quest lines. In the process of the Prevent the Accord quest, I killed Wind Trader Mu’fah twice; once for the quest, and a second time because I got lost trying to find Goramosh, and when I cam back around he was alive again. En route to the baddie for the End Arcaniumus quest, I killed Mr. Wind Trader a third time. Sucks to be him. A series of quests lead me in to Icemist Village, but I took the wrong road in the first time (apparently) and was notified that I had crossed through Wintergrasp while traversing a bridge, flagging me for PvP. Dammit! Nothing came of it, though.

Later, back at Wintergarde, I took a steam tank for a spin in Steamtank Surprise, before beginning my least-favorite line of quests so far. I hate that blasted mausoleum! I hate the monsters in it, I hate the monsters around it, I hate the quests in it, I just hate the place. Quests like The Chain Gun and You, Breaking off a Piece, and Plunderbeard Must be Found were not only nearly the death of me time and again, but they were frustrating, to boot. I hated the tattered abominations’ way of casting their hooks out into me, dragging me to them. They caught me off guard a couple of times, pulling me into the middle of some 5-6 other mobs. I never died, mind you, but it was damn close.

After slaying a monstrous ice wyrm, thanks to Wyrmbait and the good folks at the 7th Legion Front, I finally I reached a good story moment in the battle against Thel’zan the Duskbringer. Very nice, and well worth it. During this epic night, I crossed – not only the 9k HP barrier – but the 10k HP barrier as well. See? I don’t completely suck! Oh, and I’m halfway through level 72 as well.

On a sour note, during the On Ruby Wings quest, I got my dragon killed and had to bubble-hearth for the first time, landing me back in Shattrath. Still, I didn’t die, and that’s what that combo is for.

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