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My PvP Nightmare, Kinda in Reverse

Gav was in Hellfire Peninsula yesterday, gathering Fel Iron for engineering work, when there was this dire cry in the general chat that two Horde members were taking the Overlook PvP point. I’m not sure why this was so awful, since they change hands several times a day, but I decided to go see if I could help. I learned they were a Blood Elf and a Tauren, both Death Knights, levels 58 and 62. As I said last post, I’m level 74 now. The level 58 BE ran for his life, but the Tauren stayed, fought, and died.He had no way of making up the twelve level difference, regardless of gear. I kinda felt bad, actually, because there was no reason for me to go there and kill him. The PvP point meant nothing to me, and it’s really for lower level characters to play with, anyway. However, I then remembered my nightmare in Darkshore awhile back, and how that Undead rogue slaughtered me over and over in an area he had no business PvPing in. Thus, I felt a little more, I dunno, validated in my actions. The BE came back, saw I was still there, and ran away again, while I stayed to capture the control point. Once I did, I took to my gryphon and flew up and onto the towers surrounding the site. The Tauren promptly rezzed (he was obviously waiting for me to leave) and opened a gate to escape. I let him, since he wasn’t a threat anyway and camping folks isn’t my style. However, I now know how it feels to be on the other end of a lopsided PvP matchup.

Welcome to Dalaran


Ah, Dalaran. I’ve reached my latest milestone in Gavelier’s adventuring career – I’ve made it to Dalaran.  Gav dinged 74 this morning in Grizzly Hills and promptly undertook a quest to take him to the Magical Kingdom of Dalaran. Nice place, I must say. However, while wandering the streets, I got hit by a trespassing debuff and was warped for reasons I don’t yet understand. I saw some Horde banners, so that may be it. Anyway, I like Dalaran much more then Shattrath, personally. It has a more… homey vibe then the Outland’s capital sanctuary. I immediately set my hearth stone here, so I can get back ASAP and use it’s portals to any of the other majors cities I want to visit. Yay!

New Guild for Gav!

Well, I’ve finally left my old guild, Allied to war, for a new one entitled Savagely Dysfuntional. Yes, ‘Dysfunctional’ is spelled wrong. So what? It doesn’t bother me. Anyway, this new guild is much more active and much more friendly then my last one, and it’s more like the Champion’s Legion guild I was in (but with a fraction of the members). I’m finally happy, and that’s a good thing, I guess. Later, all.

Sights Seen: OMGWTF Flying Stormsabers?!

Wee!! Pt. 1 

Beware in Howling Fjord, for there be flying Swift Stormsabers! Seriously. What, you don’t believe me? Look at the pictures I’ve got! I was in the northern mountains of HF when I decided to take a quick bound for the hell of it. When I did, my Stormsaber shot into the air and slowly floated to the ground. I was freaked out at first, but got the hang of it and loved it. This happened some four or five times on my way down the mountain. Gotta love that thin mountain air! More pics after the break.

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The Great Alliance Stand

The Raid Rebuff Begins

I was in Ironforge this morning, taking a much-needed break from the stress of Dragonblight, when stress of another kind arose. The Horde was amassing a humungous raid in the Deep Run Tram, readying an attack on Ironforge. Gav at the Front LinesI was going to ignore it and continue my trip to the lower level areas to buy up some racial mounts I didn’t have yet but… I couldn’t. I had to go look. What you see above is the raid rebuff, prepared in Tinkertown to hold off the attack. Hold it off we did, too. I didn’t see any losses on our side, and no Horde made it in to Ironforge proper. We held a little celebration, killed off a few rezzing stragglers, and I helped by going to the front lines of the battle (as seen to the right). I didn’t get credit for my efforts though, which was frustrating. My hammer of wrath helped kill a few hordies, but no credit came my way.  Oh well. I went into the tram for a scout, and when I came out I got caught off guard by a few coordinated resurrecting hordies and was killed. I grumped and griped about getting no kills and then dying to boot, all the way back to my corpse.

Haggle vs. RoshiOnce rezzed, I healed myself up and took part in some random banter. I again went to check in the tram, and there were some hordies in there, unflagged. I went and grabbed a few more allies and we tried to taunt them into attacking us. Haggle, the NPC leper gnome was doing a fine job on his own, though, sucker punching Roshi (a lvl 80 fury specced Tauren warrior) with aplomb. We laughed about it until I noticed a problem; each punch by Haggle, while doing almost unnoticeable damage, was building up Roshi’s rage meter. As I told everyone he flagged and we lay waste to him and his Blood Elf hunter partner. This time I got some credit, to the tune of 16 honor points, and after exchanging buffs with everyone I went on my way.

It was quite a time, to say the least. I’d never seen the Alliance organize and mobilize like that before. I was impressed, and at the same time proud to count myself among them (even if I didn’t get much credit). For the Alliance!

New Look, Same tune

I’ve again updated the look of Alazar, though this time it was on accident. I was updating my software lost the old theme, and I was unable to relocate it. Thus, this new theme was born. I hope it measures up to the old one, which I really, really liked. This one is cleaner, but not nearly as spiffy. Oh well, I’ll live. Enjoy!

Dragonblight and My New Bane

Wow, where to start? I spent most of the night questing in Dragonblight, starting with missions from Wintergarde Keep. I enjoyed the Flight of the Wintergarde Defender quest, but wasn’t as enamored with some of the other quests, like the ones that sent me back into the same village on foot. I eventually found my way over to Stars’ Rest and it’s quest lines. In the process of the Prevent the Accord quest, I killed Wind Trader Mu’fah twice; once for the quest, and a second time because I got lost trying to find Goramosh, and when I cam back around he was alive again. En route to the baddie for the End Arcaniumus quest, I killed Mr. Wind Trader a third time. Sucks to be him. A series of quests lead me in to Icemist Village, but I took the wrong road in the first time (apparently) and was notified that I had crossed through Wintergrasp while traversing a bridge, flagging me for PvP. Dammit! Nothing came of it, though.

Later, back at Wintergarde, I took a steam tank for a spin in Steamtank Surprise, before beginning my least-favorite line of quests so far. I hate that blasted mausoleum! I hate the monsters in it, I hate the monsters around it, I hate the quests in it, I just hate the place. Quests like The Chain Gun and You, Breaking off a Piece, and Plunderbeard Must be Found were not only nearly the death of me time and again, but they were frustrating, to boot. I hated the tattered abominations’ way of casting their hooks out into me, dragging me to them. They caught me off guard a couple of times, pulling me into the middle of some 5-6 other mobs. I never died, mind you, but it was damn close.

After slaying a monstrous ice wyrm, thanks to Wyrmbait and the good folks at the 7th Legion Front, I finally I reached a good story moment in the battle against Thel’zan the Duskbringer. Very nice, and well worth it. During this epic night, I crossed – not only the 9k HP barrier – but the 10k HP barrier as well. See? I don’t completely suck! Oh, and I’m halfway through level 72 as well.

On a sour note, during the On Ruby Wings quest, I got my dragon killed and had to bubble-hearth for the first time, landing me back in Shattrath. Still, I didn’t die, and that’s what that combo is for.

Sights Seen: Stormspire is Purty



I was in the Netherstorm last night to buy some vanity pets (including a Mana Wyrmling, Red Moth and a Blue Dragonhawk), and I’d never gone further into the zone then Area 52 before.  When I arrived at the eco-dome containing Stormspire, I was blown away. It’s a beautiful oasis in the middle of a disaster area. I was very, very impressed; I wasn’t comfortable in the zone prior, what with the collapsing cliffs and constant electrical storms, so this was a welcome treat. As an added bonus, I got the Plenty of Pets achievement to boot. Not a bad stop, I thought.

Stratholme Sucks


I’m not a really happy paladin right now. I decided to try soloing the first half of Stratholme last night. I nearly died about six times, but survived. Li’l Timmy? Dead. Ditto a number of patchwerk horrors and a ton of undead. I was rolling. That is, until I reached a foe I could not defeat. A foe so steadfast, so sturdy, I was completely flummoxed and gave up. What was this horrific foe?

A damn door.

I came to the Bastion Door and was stumped. I couldn’t find the Scarlet Key for the life of me. I was miffed and had to hearth out. I used my lay on hands and divine shield spell (twice) to get that far, only to be stumped by a freaking door. I still can’t believe it.







Stupid door.

Class and Mana changes in 3.1

The upcoming patch, 3.1, is going to have allot of changes in it. Aside from the new instance, it’s going to feature changes to all of the classes and mana regeneration.

I’m looking forward to Gavelier getting to use Exorcism on any target, not just undead and demons. That, combined with Hand of Reckoning, gives Paladins two ranged techniques, one just for pulling and one for dealing damage. Sweet! I’m just wondering if HoR will fall into disrepair, since it deals miniscule damage, when Exorcism can deal over 700 damage on contact. Of course, the 5% difference in mana cost could add up, what with the mana regeneration changes being implemented. I have enough trouble keeping Gav full on mana as it is, and this could complicate things further. The fact that Blessing of Kings will now be a base skill for paladins, though, can free up to five talent points for non-protection specced pallys like Gav. I’m curious what they’re replace it with, though. Improved Hammer of Justice’s tier is being lowered, but I’d assume only one, down to tier 3 (rather then tier 1, where BoK sits). It would be nice, though, if I could just put my points in that so that my Hammer of Justice could be used more often. Complete changes so far are after the break.

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