Sights Seen: The Fjord and it’s Fauna


Having gone back to Northrend the other day, wanting to miss as little Litch King content as possible, I’ve decided to make my foray into the King’s domain through Howling Fjord. While there (and in between getting killed by Dragonflayer Vrykuls and the Litch King) I came across the above scene of two Shoveltusk Stag’s dueling. I kinda killed ’em both, so I hope that it doesn’t destroy the Fjord’s ecology.

Back to my untimely deaths, the Litch King killed me in a little spirit appearance, and it was so cruel of Blizzard to put him there! I was looking for something, and saw him, and he killed me without me being able to do squat about it. Unfair, says I.

In other news, I went back into the Stockades to kill Bazil Thredd for the achievement and was surprised at how little a fight anything gave me. I mean, I know that they’re all around a third my level, but wow. Oh well, 10 more achievement points for Gav. I’m thinking of trying to solo the Deadmines next. We’ll see.

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