Take to the Skies!


Gav’s got his Flying Mount! It took a whole night’s work, with allot of dailies and a ton of mining, but hey! Gav’s airborne! In case you can’t tell, I’m proud of myself. lol As I write this I’m flying back to Shattrath from Shadowmoon Valley, and I’m enthused at how easy this makes mapping out zones. It’s also making my attempts at the Gaining the Advantage daily much easier. Flying mounts FTW.

I also discovered the Isle of Quel’Danas, which rocks. I’m going back there soon, too.

Quick complaint, though: I just flew over Stonebreaker Hold, and not only did those SOBs knock me out of the sky, nearly killing me (thanks again, bubble!), they flagged me for PVP as well! Why no one thought this worth warning a novice aviator of, I know not.

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  • avatar BetaSim:

    Why warn a novice aviator when you can haze them without lifting a finger. The opposition did all the work.


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