Speaking of Golden Wings…

Well, I may not have my flying mount yet, but Gav’s high on Gilded WingsWoWScrnShot_012109_075553 anyway. I remembered to pick up my Avenging Wrath Spell, and besides the combat bonuses, I get these sweet golden wings. I’ve seen other folks with ‘em, but I had no idea where they came from until now.

I’m also surprised how much I like my new Hand of Reckoning spell. It’s a 30 yard taunt spell that does 30 holy damage and FINALLY gives us Pallys a pulling ability. With the new tag mechanics and this, I can AOE grind like never before. I simply stand in a fairly populace area (like say, Shield Hill), hit random wandering mobs with my Hand of Reckoning, and slay them with ease. I’m a happy little Paladin now.

In other news, I formed a new Death Knight on Ysera since Borean Tundra wasn’t open to new DK without the prerequisite level 55 toon on the server (I forgot that applied to new servers with no-transfer rules). Bralo is my Orc DK, made because I wanted to experience higher-level Horde content without having to drag Lug (my Tauren hunter) or Claz (my Orc warrior) another 40-50 levels to see it (Lug is level 14 and Claz hasn’t hit 10 yet).

On a final note, they finally added an enchantment graphic to Greater Savagery, which you can see on my sword in the picture. About time, Blizzard!

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