Shadow Priests and Golden Wings


My newest addition to my menagerie is Litebaron, a human priest on Borean Tundra. I wanted to pop onto the server when it opened up, and decided that I wanted a unique-yet-familiar experience, so instead of my plate-wearing holy DPS beast (Gavelier), I’ve got a cloth-clad shadow DPS wimp. Oh well. A quick anecdote: I couldn’t remember for the life of me how to spell ‘bearer’ when I named this dude, so instead of being Litebearer, which is what I wanted, he’s now Litebaron. Close enough, I guess.

In other news, Gav is now only about 370g short of his first flying mount (training included). As with my last riding training, I’m using ore and minerals to fund it. Adamantite, Fel Iron and Thorium bars have netted me a solid 300g in the last day or so, which is nice. Look out, skies of the Outland; Gav is coming!

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