Gav Goes to Northrend for a Peek, Finds Sweet Sword

Well, I finally decided that I at least wanted to wrap up the quests I had left in limbo out in Blade’s Edge Mountains, but I at least wanted a sneak peak at Northrend, so on to the steam boat in Stormwind Harbor, bound for the Borean Tundra went I. I boarded with two other folks, a night elf druid (level 80) and a human rogue (level 71), and we, combined, had the three epic night elf mounts. Witness:


I thought it was funny, anyway. In the end, though, the game glitched on me and I ended up back in Stormwind Harbor after the game loaded too slowly in Northrend. On my second try, though, I made it and set foot on Valiance Keep.


I checked on some quests, and one of them offered me a sweet reward for almost no work: the Combatant Greatsword. Compare that to my Halaani Claymore, and I was all in. Almost a 30 DPS increase! An even better crit rating improvement! And it was free, just for killing six Crypt Crawlers. No problem; six quick kills and I’m taking a rather unbalanced sword back to the Outlands. Look out, Bladespire Ogres!


More as it happens.

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