Gav and Instances

I went through the Deadmines the other day, and one of the reasons for doing so – other then having never done so and the achievement points – was to get the Macaw vanity pet. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to go multiple times, and voila! I got my Green Wing Macaw on my first run. Now I’m plotting where to run myself through next, Blackfathom Deeps or maybe Gnomeregan. I know I should be running instances more my level, but I want to know what I’m getting into, as far as instances in general go, before I group up. I’m pretty sucky, gear-wise,  but maybe I’ll put grouping for Scholomance or Stratholme on my list sometime in the near future. We’ll see.

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Hi, I’m Alphasim . I’ve been playing World of WarCraft for four years now and my main is a level 85 human paladin named Gavelier. Gav features prominently here at Alazar so you'll get to know him and his guild.

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