Gav and his Guild Gripes

Guilds and I have rocky past. My first attempt to form a guild was thwarted when I was unable to draw a single sig on my charter. I tried again a couple weeks later, still to no avail. I was actually competing with another dude for signatures that evening, and he got all of his before I got any, so I just signed up with him. It was a good first night, actually, with almost 30 of us on. I logged off an hour or so later satisfied, but when I came back the next day, no one was on. I shrugged it off, but a month later I still hadn’t seen another guildie and our numbers were down to 8. I grumped on trade chat in Stormwind, where I got a new guild invite. This guild had a couple of level 70 dudes at the top, and for the first week or two it was great. I’d get on and there’d be 15-20 folks on at all hours, and guild chat was always active. Our guild bank was loaded and was free for taking and placing stuff, so I donated a few green items I couldn’t use. I also got word through guild chat that someone was offering a pair of gloves that were the next step up from what I was wearing, so I chimed in and he sent them to me. All was great.

One day, though, I noticed while logging in that my guild tabard was blank. As I feared, I was guild-less, but not because I was kicked out – the whole guild had been dissolved. I never did find out why, so I just let it go. Soured on guilds as a whole, I was in Booty Bay when my next guild invite hit like a ton of bricks. I was being chased through BB by a dwarf, giving me the hard sell about his guild. I’m not sure why I – out of everyone there – got this treatment, but I finally caved in and signed up. The guild was larger then my old ones, almost 200 strong, so I was convinced that this wouldn’t be like my first one. I was wrong.

For the last two months, I think I’ve seen three guildies, and they about 5-6 times total. One being the dude I ran the quest with a few days ago, one level 15 toon or something, and another who was the high-level. Notice I said she ‘was’ the high-level; that title belongs to me now. We’ve also been whittled down to just over 100 members. I’m getting grumpy again, personally. My guild status is reduced to wearing a tabard and having a guild name over my head. Oh well.

Why don’t I quit? Mostly because I don’t want to go through the badgering process the dwarf who recruited me gave me again. With a guild name o’er my head, people won’t try and nag me into their guild. Are most guilds this bad, or do I just have some crazy luck? I do know one thing:

Guilds and I don’t get along.

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