Day Late and a Dollar Short

I may not be a dollar short, but I am a day late posting this. Gav dinged 70 yesterday morning in the Howling Fjord. I was killing Frosthorn Rams for their meat, so to wake up Shatterhorn for killing. Why I couldn’t kill him in his sleep, I know not.

In other news, I ran the Break the Blockade daily for the first time two nights ago, and managed to blow up everything except three of the cannons I needed, so I prepared to make another round. Somehow, though, my general ineptitude struck again and I fell off the damn zeppelin. I was still at the dock, to boot, so I wasn’t lining up a shot or anything. I would have died, but my Gav’s bubble saved my hide again (like it did when I fell off of Aldor Rise in Shattrath the other day). What can I say? I’m clumsy. What did happen was I landed in the middle of a bunch of mining Iron Dwarves, who promptly tried to kill me. I lived, though barely, and in the process of climbing back up I found all the missing pack mules I needed for the Send them Packing quest I had, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. Yesterday morning I finished up the bombing quest, and once I had the three cannons I needed, I promptly went below deck and sat my happy ass down until we landed to make sure I didn’t fall off again.

Continuing my Northrend adventures, I’ve done the Steel Gate Patrol daily about four times now, and it’s really allot of fun. Something about an Azerothian fighter plane that makes me smile. I enjoy gunning down gargoyles, and the quest is an easy couple thousand XP, plus it nets me a couple gold and some Super Healing Potions. Sweet.

Finally, Mission: Eternal Flame nearly got me killed. The Forsaken Plaguebringers around the first cannon I attacked had me surrounded and nearly dead, and I had already tossed up my bubble and drank a potion when I was saved by a wandering night elf shadow priest. Thanks, whoever you were! I was much more careful on the next three cannons and was never in peril again.

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