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Bombs Away!

WoWScrnShot_012209_112400 I posted awhile back on my love for the Steel Gate Patrol quest. However, I was misleading in my description of the craft you fight in. It’s more of a helicopter then a fighter plane, honestly. However, if that craft was a poor man’s P-51 Mustang, then the plane you fly in the Ancient Armor of Kvaldir is the equivalent of a B-17 Flying Fortress.  It more resembles an A-20 Havoc, though, I suppose. In any case, we need more of these things in WoW.

In rather unrelated news, I don’t think I ever posted that I cleared Gnomeregan recently. Yup, Mekgineer Thermaplugg = dead. Another one bites the dust, as I continue my parade through low-level instances.

Take to the Skies!


Gav’s got his Flying Mount! It took a whole night’s work, with allot of dailies and a ton of mining, but hey! Gav’s airborne! In case you can’t tell, I’m proud of myself. lol As I write this I’m flying back to Shattrath from Shadowmoon Valley, and I’m enthused at how easy this makes mapping out zones. It’s also making my attempts at the Gaining the Advantage daily much easier. Flying mounts FTW.

I also discovered the Isle of Quel’Danas, which rocks. I’m going back there soon, too.

Quick complaint, though: I just flew over Stonebreaker Hold, and not only did those SOBs knock me out of the sky, nearly killing me (thanks again, bubble!), they flagged me for PVP as well! Why no one thought this worth warning a novice aviator of, I know not.

Speaking of Golden Wings…

Well, I may not have my flying mount yet, but Gav’s high on Gilded WingsWoWScrnShot_012109_075553 anyway. I remembered to pick up my Avenging Wrath Spell, and besides the combat bonuses, I get these sweet golden wings. I’ve seen other folks with ’em, but I had no idea where they came from until now.

I’m also surprised how much I like my new Hand of Reckoning spell. It’s a 30 yard taunt spell that does 30 holy damage and FINALLY gives us Pallys a pulling ability. With the new tag mechanics and this, I can AOE grind like never before. I simply stand in a fairly populace area (like say, Shield Hill), hit random wandering mobs with my Hand of Reckoning, and slay them with ease. I’m a happy little Paladin now.

In other news, I formed a new Death Knight on Ysera since Borean Tundra wasn’t open to new DK without the prerequisite level 55 toon on the server (I forgot that applied to new servers with no-transfer rules). Bralo is my Orc DK, made because I wanted to experience higher-level Horde content without having to drag Lug (my Tauren hunter) or Claz (my Orc warrior) another 40-50 levels to see it (Lug is level 14 and Claz hasn’t hit 10 yet).

On a final note, they finally added an enchantment graphic to Greater Savagery, which you can see on my sword in the picture. About time, Blizzard!

Shadow Priests and Golden Wings


My newest addition to my menagerie is Litebaron, a human priest on Borean Tundra. I wanted to pop onto the server when it opened up, and decided that I wanted a unique-yet-familiar experience, so instead of my plate-wearing holy DPS beast (Gavelier), I’ve got a cloth-clad shadow DPS wimp. Oh well. A quick anecdote: I couldn’t remember for the life of me how to spell ‘bearer’ when I named this dude, so instead of being Litebearer, which is what I wanted, he’s now Litebaron. Close enough, I guess.

In other news, Gav is now only about 370g short of his first flying mount (training included). As with my last riding training, I’m using ore and minerals to fund it. Adamantite, Fel Iron and Thorium bars have netted me a solid 300g in the last day or so, which is nice. Look out, skies of the Outland; Gav is coming!

Patch notes for 3.0.8

I’m giving a split-post format a shot here, and where better to start then with patch notes? These patch notes, covering the upcoming patch 3.0.8 (speculated for Tuesday, Jan. 20, ’09) touch allot of subjects, and is the most diverse patch I’ve seen in a while. From racial mount restrictions lifting to tapping rule changes to a plethora of class tweaks, we’ll get in to what’s what in a bit. First, the patch notes themselves.

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Day Late and a Dollar Short

I may not be a dollar short, but I am a day late posting this. Gav dinged 70 yesterday morning in the Howling Fjord. I was killing Frosthorn Rams for their meat, so to wake up Shatterhorn for killing. Why I couldn’t kill him in his sleep, I know not.

In other news, I ran the Break the Blockade daily for the first time two nights ago, and managed to blow up everything except three of the cannons I needed, so I prepared to make another round. Somehow, though, my general ineptitude struck again and I fell off the damn zeppelin. I was still at the dock, to boot, so I wasn’t lining up a shot or anything. I would have died, but my Gav’s bubble saved my hide again (like it did when I fell off of Aldor Rise in Shattrath the other day). What can I say? I’m clumsy. What did happen was I landed in the middle of a bunch of mining Iron Dwarves, who promptly tried to kill me. I lived, though barely, and in the process of climbing back up I found all the missing pack mules I needed for the Send them Packing quest I had, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. Yesterday morning I finished up the bombing quest, and once I had the three cannons I needed, I promptly went below deck and sat my happy ass down until we landed to make sure I didn’t fall off again.

Continuing my Northrend adventures, I’ve done the Steel Gate Patrol daily about four times now, and it’s really allot of fun. Something about an Azerothian fighter plane that makes me smile. I enjoy gunning down gargoyles, and the quest is an easy couple thousand XP, plus it nets me a couple gold and some Super Healing Potions. Sweet.

Finally, Mission: Eternal Flame nearly got me killed. The Forsaken Plaguebringers around the first cannon I attacked had me surrounded and nearly dead, and I had already tossed up my bubble and drank a potion when I was saved by a wandering night elf shadow priest. Thanks, whoever you were! I was much more careful on the next three cannons and was never in peril again.

Gav and Instances

I went through the Deadmines the other day, and one of the reasons for doing so – other then having never done so and the achievement points – was to get the Macaw vanity pet. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to go multiple times, and voila! I got my Green Wing Macaw on my first run. Now I’m plotting where to run myself through next, Blackfathom Deeps or maybe Gnomeregan. I know I should be running instances more my level, but I want to know what I’m getting into, as far as instances in general go, before I group up. I’m pretty sucky, gear-wise,  but maybe I’ll put grouping for Scholomance or Stratholme on my list sometime in the near future. We’ll see.

Gavelier’s World of Warcraft has been Updated


A new Gavelier’s World of Warcraft comic is up, continuing the lead-in to the confrontation of Gavelier, Sibyl, and Budman against Stitches. For those who’ve never read a GWoW comic, Gav is based on the Gavelier you read about here (only about 20+ levels ago) and two allies of his. Budman is a mage, but not a really good one. He has huge dreams and a desire for fame and fortune, and sees following Gav as a way to reach his goals. He’s not a cheap bum, though; he honestly tries to help and is a genuinely good guy (even if he is a little simple). Sibyl on the other hand is a fairly competent warlock and is the only ‘normal’ member of the trio. She and her voidwalker Kragnos first ran across Gav and Budman when the latter were on a quest in Westfall (Gav was helping Budman level). She’s since joined up to try and bolster their chances of success and survival at… well, whatever they happen to be doing at a given time. Gav, personality-wise, is a bit of a braggart (and he tends to get emotional). although he is a fairly decent paladin. He likes to brag about being a ‘hero figure’ to a couple of young adventurers, even though his two followers are both only less then 25 levels behind him (Sibyl is in her mid-twenties and Budman is nearly level 20 now) and gaining. Gav has previously solicited a favor from the Azeroth Mob and it’s leader Chaking, and now owes Chaking a favor in the form of the head of the Horde that beat him up. However, Gav never got attacked by any Horde, but made up the story to hide his feeling inadequate, so now he’s in deep trouble.

Most of the characters you read about are actual characters or are based on actual characters. You’ll also see cameos from a few of my alts, like Goldfox the gnome rogue and Wrain the Night Elf druid. Some, like Kirby, are based on experiences I’ve had, with the events twisted around. For the record, ‘Kirby’ didn’t show up in Booty Bay and flummox me; I actually guided him from Darkshore to the Brewfest at Ironforge. During the trip he died several times and I had to res him, which became semi-frustrating and yet comical at the same time. I thought the idea of a low-level player getting wherever they wanted – even places level 70s wouldn’t dare go alone – with no trouble at all would be funny, so there you go.

I’d love to catch Gav up to his current nigh-level 70 self, but that’s not going to be able to happen until the current story arc finishes, at least. I’ll be posting new comics as I write them.

Which way to the Deadmines?

Deadmines: Cleared. It was a rather simple task, of course. Nothing took even a hundred or so HP off of me. Well, Mr. Smites was a pain because he kept stunning me, but other then that it was a breeze.


Who the hell built those tunnels leading to the damned instance?! I had to look up instructions on how to navigate them to the actual dungeon, making them a dungeon in and of themselves. I followed every path *except* the one leaned to the shiny blue wall of the instance proper. Literally, it was two days of being totally lost. How the hell do you get that lost in a tiny cave?? I am now officially the WoW version of Ryoga Hibiki.

Sights Seen: The Fjord and it’s Fauna


Having gone back to Northrend the other day, wanting to miss as little Litch King content as possible, I’ve decided to make my foray into the King’s domain through Howling Fjord. While there (and in between getting killed by Dragonflayer Vrykuls and the Litch King) I came across the above scene of two Shoveltusk Stag’s dueling. I kinda killed ’em both, so I hope that it doesn’t destroy the Fjord’s ecology.

Back to my untimely deaths, the Litch King killed me in a little spirit appearance, and it was so cruel of Blizzard to put him there! I was looking for something, and saw him, and he killed me without me being able to do squat about it. Unfair, says I.

In other news, I went back into the Stockades to kill Bazil Thredd for the achievement and was surprised at how little a fight anything gave me. I mean, I know that they’re all around a third my level, but wow. Oh well, 10 more achievement points for Gav. I’m thinking of trying to solo the Deadmines next. We’ll see.

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