Winter’s Vale is Here, and It’s a Pain

Winter’s Vale is here, and it’s a pain in the you-know-what (almost as much as the real holiday). I couldn’t even see the goblin merchant in Ironforge due to the crowd of people around him, and I came by at four different times today.Hopefully it’ll die down soon, but knowing how the real holiday season works, I don’t have my hopes up.

In other Winter’s Vale news, I saved Metzen in Tanaris and killed the Greench. Yay. Big whoop. Metzen was no problem, but the damned Greench was a PITA to slay, mostly because of the two dozen players in the area who wanted a piece of him. It took me half an hour or more to kill this sissy because of his random spawn locations, other players and my dire lack of projectile attacks to tag him with. Gav finally got lucky and killed the coot, and y’know what I got? A crappy tailoring pattern, that’s what. I wanted the engineering schematics, but nooo. Figures.

I also did the quest to get cookies and milk for Greatfather Christmas, but whereas the quest tips I got said to go to Redridge for the small eggs, I skipped that and went to Westfall instead. I much prefer Westfall, and with most players following tips online (many of which point to Redridge), I got almost free reign over the Fleshrippers and their eggs, enabling me to complete the quest in around ten minutes, flight time included . A word to the stupid (I would say wise, but this is common sense): don’t buy your small eggs on the auction house. The prices are freaking outrageous. 3-5 gold per egg, when you can slay the birds and get them for free? Please. It costs a fraction of the price of one egg to fly to Westfall from Ironforge and back. Just do everyone a favor and don’t feed the auction house vultures.

Leaving Winter’s Vale aside, Gav got his first socketed piece of equipment, which I’ve packed with a Bold Bloodstone, an Etched Huge Citrine, and a Jagged Dark Jade. I’ve also picked up the Expedition Flare, in case of an emergency in Zangarmarsh.  So far I’ve not needed it, and I hope not to need it, but it was a cheap safety precaution.

That’s all for now, but not likely the last you’ll hear from me on the holiday season.

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