Mounting Success


Well, it finally happened. After months of working, I’ve got the mount I’ve wanted for so long. No, I didn’t finally get my Charger, darn it all (still 300+ gold short), but I got something I’ve been wanted much longer: a Nightsaber. A Striped Frostsaber, to be exact. I’ve been working on my rep with Darnassus ever since I learned that I could ride other races’ mounts, and I finally hit exalted tonight, with one last shipment of Runecloth to the Night Elf capital (and while I’m at it, may I say a thanks to whomever decided to make a boat go between Ashenvale and Stormwind? It’s made this process so much easier!). I debated which Nightsaber I wanted, but finally settled on the Striped Frostsaber. I’m happier now. Not ‘happy,’ but happy-er.

In other news, I hate Sporeloks, I hate Bog monsters, I hate the Naga and I think I hate Zangarmarsh in general. This zone just sucks. I mean, the monsters are a pain to fight, and the quests are incredibly spread out. The Sporeloks are just about useless, and they got in my way so many times while I was fighting. I couldn’t use my Divine Storm spell for fear of hitting the little jerks, which limited my fighting ability when they were nearby. I’m neutral to them now, so that problem is in the past, but I still dislike them. Oh, and I fell off of Telredor twice, so that doesn’t make this place any more pleasant for me. Let me say though, that Safeguarding the Watchers is perhaps the easiest group quest in the game. I soloed it at level with no trouble at all. Seriously; shutting down those Steam Pumps was worlds tougher. Ah well.

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