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My new Swift Stormsaber and I chill in Darnassus. I ended up here after a quick cruise through the Search for Incendicite Ore quest with a guild member. I ran it once myself long ago, twice with guildies in my last guild (the late Champions Legion), and now once with one Scottlez in my current guild, Art of war. He was level 27 and would have been able to solo it but for one small problem: he wasn’t a miner. That’s where I came in. I recently learned to mine Fel Iron ore in the Outlands, so Incendicite ore was no big deal. I also one-hit most everything in there (a few took a sword swipe and one Retribution Aura hit, but that was rare). I also liked using my Divine Storm spell to nail a few at a time. In any case, he got his quest, a treasure chest and a piece of auctionable chest armor along with completing the quest. We had to hike to the wetlands from Ironforge because he was broke (which he didn’t tell me until we were almost there), so I gave him 40g after the quest and suggested he just fly home.

Back in the Outlands, I recently picked up the Halaani Claymore for about nine or so gold in Nagrand, which was a fraction of what a lesser weapon would have run me at the AH. I mean, 80.3 DPS? Improve critical strike? Sign me up! Much better then the Darkened Broadsword I was swinging (by almost 13 DPS!). This sword is almost cheating, it’s so easy to get. Not that I’m complaining, obviously.

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