Gav, Outland and Stupid Training Prices

It’s been almost two weeks since Gav hit 58 and qualified for Outland, and I’ve been leveling him there since. He’s now level 62, which is nice, but I’m still lacking my new Charger mount. Why can’t it be like the Warhorse, which I got from my trainer for a couple silver? Instead, I’ve got the great options of a tough and expensive quest line or paying out almost 500 gold like some common class for riding training. Yes, I am a spoiled paladin. Why did Blizzard get us pallys and the warlocks spoiled like this in the first place?! Just to be mean, I think.

Back to leveling in Outland, I’ve noticed that levels are going much quicker here. I’ve also noticed that Gav is back to killing mobs higher then his level with ease again. When I got to Outland at level 58, I was killing level 61 Deranged Hellboars for kicks. Is Outland easier then Azeroth? Tough question. I’ve done most of the non-dungeon quests in Honor Hold, most of the ones from the Temple of Telhamat and a series near the Ruins of Sha’naar that were fun, especially killing Arzeth the Merciless (Arzeth the Powerless as he’s now known). Arzeth had me running for cover each time he came by, but after getting a staff at the end of a quest line, his 30k HP went down to under 5,000, meaning that I had more then him. Of course, he didn’t even eat a quarter into my health, which was fun. I enjoy quest lines that end with you beating down a formerly tough foe after squelching their source of power.

I’ve noticed that most of the quest rewards in Outland are either gold or items worth several gold. I’m also picking up a ton of great, but ultimately inferior drops, also worth several gold. This hasn’t helped my climb to 500 gold for my new mount any, though, because nothing is selling for me on the auction house. Seriously, there’s usually nothing on the AH for me to compare my item to (as in, the same or a very similar item), so I have to wing it. Usually after two 48 hour auctions I just get fed up and sell the stupid thing to a vendor. I’ve gotten a few tidbits here and there that I’ve kept (like my new Helboar Carving Blade, which replaced the letter opener that I was using), but most gear and weapons are of no use to me and get sold.

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