It’s my Charger! After some wild adventuring in Nagrand (which I’ll expound upon in a minute) and some selling of Thorium in stacks of 20 for 60+ gold, I managed to get the 500g I needed for the riding training and my mount. Yay!

Back to my adventures in Nagrand. When I first got to the zone, I got an invite from one Durable (a human warlock) to do The Ring of Blood: Blue Brothers. I ended up in a group with Durable, a draenai hunter named Applejacks a human priest (can’t remember her name atm) and a level 80 human paladin, specced holy. We killed Brokentoe, the Blue Brothers, Rokdar the Sundered Lord (no relation to Rok’tar that I could see), Skra’gath, the Warmaul Champion and Mogor about two to four times each, until we had all completed each quest. I died about five times – not terrible when you consider I was way under-level – but I nabbed 66+ gold from it, and we then went off and completed a series of other quests together, including Applejacks and I slaying the Master Planner for a quest she had. I didn’t ding, but we got allot accomplished and it helped me en route towards my charger. Applejacks was mount-less, but still was almost faster then me, my warhorse and my Crusader Aura. I was miffed, and it was the breaking point for my desire for my faster mount. Next stop, level 68 and Northrend!

BTW, Nagrand is a very pretty place.


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