The New Scourge

Ok, this Scourge attack I approve of. I may not have been clear in my earlier post about how loathsome the original scourge attack was, so let me be blunt: I hated it. If I wanted to do PvP, I’d be on a damn PvP server. This new one, however, which seems to spawn NPC undead in capital cities, is kinda cool. I was in Stormwind when I heard guards call that some Scourge had been seen at the Chapel of Light. Seeing that I was just outside of it headed to the harbor for no particular reason, I decided to see what was up. When I saw a Pallid Horror charge out of the Chapel, I hid and let it run past me. It was only three levels above me, but partly because of the recent nerfs to paladin powers (but mostly due to his 90,000 HP) I wanted nothing to do with going one-on-one with him. However, it was soon engaged with two guards outside the chapel district, so I joined in, along with a level 67 mage. We decimated him in short order, and I like to take partial credit because of my holy powers. I took a quest off of the crystal he dropped, but as I was going to the Stormwind gates to complete the quest, I found a Flameshocker attacking the Argent Dawn folks in the Trade District. I lent a hand here, as well, and finished him – as with the Pallid Horror – using my Hammer of Wrath. Two Scourge dead, but more presumed to come.

This may only be the beginning, and yet it may be the end. Of us all. Hang in there, everyone!

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