Death to Araj the Summoner, by Gavelier’s Hand!

Ok, I’m not sure I’ve got the accounts of this event straight, due to how rapid it was, but this is the best I’ve got. I was slaying a ton of undead beasts in the Ruins of Andorhal (Western Plaguelands) when I saw this level 61 elite monstrosity assaulting some poor schmuck on the road. The dude being attacked was about my level (lvl. 57), so I felt obligated to help. I took a potshot at the monster with my Exorcism spell, instantly gaining aggro. The mob turned out to be Araj the Summoner, and he was mean. I got hit by a frost bolt from him that slowed me as I turned to run, but I was quickly caught up to by two Skeletal Warlords. For whatever reason I got a sudden bolt of courage and took them both down with my Holy Wrath spell and Hammer of Wrath. By this time, Araj had caught up with his four Illusionary Wraiths, ghostly wolves that surrounded me. I fought through them and finished Araj off (he was down to under 1,500 HP thanks to whomever it was attacking originally), before felling the remaining wraiths. I felt very, very proud, but I can’t take full credit, since the original victim died in the process, but only after whittling Araj down a ton. Still, I lived, and looted 30+ silver off the foul beast’s body. Go Gav!

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