Welcome, One and All!

I’m working on this page to get WoW out of my main e-AAGH.net blog as much as possible. That’s not the proper forum for that discussion, so I’m putting this together. I hope this works out the way I have it planned; we’ll see!

First and foremost, I’ve been working on Gavelier, my human paladin, allot lately and I’ve finally gotten him to level 48. I would love to reach lvl. 55 before Wrath of the Litch King hits, but that’s not happening. I struggle allot in this game with enemies and areas that I theoretically shouldn’t. I recently upgraded my sword from Witchfury to the Beheading Blade, but the new sword is extremely slow in comparison. So much so, in fact, that most baddies I should kill are giving me grief because I take so long between hits. With that thought in mind, I’ve kept Witchfury in my inventory in case I should need it.

I dinged while in the Searing Gorge, killing Dark Iron Dwarves, golems, and elementals for a series of quests. A couple of them, such as Job Opportunity and Flawless Flame I could grind in an area not far from Thorium Point, making them fairly easy. There was a camp just off from where I was where a Dark Iron Taskmaster and a Dark Iron Slaver would spawn alone, and there was a plethora of Heavy War Golems, Fire Elementals, and Magma Elementals to kill without getting ganged up on. I did get the Key to Freedom quest from a dark iron dwarf drop, but I’m not sure I want to follow up on it.

In other news, on my server yesterday, the Horde invaded Stormwind. I happened to be there, so I did my best to slow them down. I got 7 honor points, so it wasn’t all bad. I did die about three times, though. Once, a Blood Elf warlock hopped onto the Deeprun Tram, and when a group of us jumped on to kill him, he jumped back off and the tram carted all four of us away to friggin’ Ironforge. We felt kinda dumb. We got word on our way back that a group of Horde raiders had gone from Eastvale Logging Camp to Goldshire, and was en route to Stormwind. We all hopped on our mounts once back in Stormwind and rode to the gates where – to our horror – we saw over twenty of the Horde, laying waste to everyone. Everyone riding out from town stopped where we’d stopped and just stared. Finally, we all rode out as one, and I died. Twice. And then I logged off.

This was a gutsy move by the Horde, and getting this far was alone a great achievement. I respect this allot more then I do the raids on Auberdine and Azure Watch. I was in Auberdine when it was raided a few days ago, and it made me very upset. Level 60-70 players slaughtering level 10-15 players. Where’s the fairness there?

I’ll be updating again soon, so look for it!

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